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Women's yellow oversized sunglasses
oversized animal print sunglasses for women
FRAMED by Nikki B


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When it comes to eye catching statement sunglasses, bigger is always better! Nobody likes to admit it, but the oversized square sunglasses trend that has dominated black culture for the past few years,  was made extremely popular by social media sensation Ari Fletcher who is best known for rocking dark black oversized sunglasses in a signature square frame. Ari's influence on fashion trends within the black community is undeniable, so much so  people actually  refer to this style of  oversized sunglasses  as the 'Ari shades".  Here at Framed by Nikki B , we don't hate, we celebrate and give credit where it's due, which is why  these frames, were named after  the trend setter responsible for making this style of sunglasses  so popular. ( Ari sunglasses come in 2 different color variations)