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About The Brand



                                   Our Story

Framed by Nikki B is a Black owned Eyewear and sunglasses store  for women. We proudly embrace  and celebrate the unique diversity within the black community. Understanding that some individuals have their own definition of style, while others tend to base their fashion choices on daily moods and agendas and for that reason, Framed by Nikki B  Eyewear collections are curated to represent a range of life styles and vibes within the culture. We carry a variety of sunglasses such as cat eye, oversized, rimless reflective and vintage,  to name a few. With styles ranging from simple and practical Eyewear to extraordinarily bold fashion frames. All our sunglasses collections are inspired by different elements within the black culture. Framed by Nikki B was designed to be the FIRST black owned sunglasses brand to incorporate relatable cultural experiences into our whole foundation. Finally a brand designed with your interest and history in mind.

Founded in June of 2020, in  Brooklyn, New York. All of our sunglasses and fashion frames  are hand selected , packaged and shipped by C.E.O Nikkia Bell.  With customer satisfaction being our number one priority, all sunglasses are personally inspected before being shipped to our customers in a very prompt and timely manner. Only the best, for our Cousins!