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10 Real life scenarios, where sunglasses will save the day.

When discussing the benefits of sunglasses, the obvious facts are always the main focus. We know that sunglasses protect our eyes from  sun rays. We also know that sunglasses  are a fashion accessory that has the power to transform and upgrade your entire look. However no one speaks about actual real life scenarios where sunglasses could literally save the day. Below is a list of ten real life  scenarios where sunglasses  are a must have.
10.  Stranger Danger 
Don’t you hate when you're out and about minding your business, and random people walk up to you and start a conversation out of the blue. Well, it's a framed gang fact that big black sunglasses, make you less approachable. So the next time you want to go out and handle your business , with no stranger small talk just PUT ON A PAIR OF FUCKING SUNGLASSES.
9. Makeup and rain don't mix
Headed out with the ladies tonight. Hair laid, outfit fire and you  just spent the last hour beating  your face to perfection, cut crease on point! But as soon as you're getting ready to leave, it starts pouring down raining. Now you have an umbrella but it's not going to prevent the rain from splashing in your face and smudging your makeup. You spent too much time on your makeup just for it to get messed up, before you even reach your destination. Protect the cut crease at all cost  sis and just PUT ON A FUCKING PAIR OF SUNGLASSES.
8 Driving safety
You're  in your car driving the sun shining bright as hell in your face. You can barely see anything because the sun's glare is blinding.  So now you're squinting  mad hard, with one hand up, trying to block the part of the sun , the car visor just not covering. But even with using your hands as a shield, you're still struggling to see. About to kill everybody on the damn road when you could have just PUT ON A PAIR OF FUCKING SUNGLASSES.
7. Bad Bitch Mode activate
You woke up today feeling yourself (as you should), So you decide to dress up and get cute, because you feel like it. No where special to go and nothing important to do. Today you just woke up feeling like THAT BITCH. Since you are already feeling and looking like a whole snack , might as well add the finishing touches. Put the icing on the cake and PUT ON A FUCKING PAIR OF SUNGLASSES and slay the day away.
6.Allergies are a Bitch
Allergies are a bitch. As soon as you step outside your eyes start to tear and itch out of nowhere and the dust and pollen blowing in your faces doesn't  make it any better. Instead of walking around all day, in these Covid streets, uncomfortable , wiping your eyes every two minutes with your germ filled hands,  get yourself some allergy  medicine and PUT ON A FUCKING PAIR OF SUNGLASSES to keep the dirt from flying in your eyes.
5. You gotta coordinate “John Witherspoom voice”(R.I.P  to a legend)
You headed out today  and you just put together this dope outfit. Color coordination on point. Then you remember you have the perfect pair of matching sunglasses from, only problem is, there is no sun in sight. BUT YOUR FORGETTING, the sun always shines bright on a star. So just put ON THE FUCKING PAIR OF SUNGLASSES and pay no attention to what a hater has to say.
4. Don't let em blow your high
DISCLAIMER: Now this scenario  is for my beginner smokers. who are still in the "my family don't know I smoke" faze. Because  we all know OG smokers don't care who knows their high. In fact, they usually come to family functions, blunt in hand ( ya'll be knowing). But if you still hiding the fact that you smoke weed from your family, this scenario is for you.
Nothing blows your high quicker than going to a family event  and all the older family members keep coming up to you, staring all in your damn face, trying to figure out if your high or not. BUT there's a solution to that just PUT ON A PAIR OF FUCKING SUNGLASSES and preserve your buzz.
3. Lazy/ cockeyes BUT Love taking pics
Despite any physical imperfections, your beautiful and deserve to flaunt it. But it has to be tiring, having to keep retaking pictures a billion times, just to make sure you eyes look straight and proportioned. Save your self some time and energy and just PUT ON A FUCKING PAIR OF SUNGLASSES.
DISCLAIMER* (Because now a days everybody so sensitive and get offended easily ) This real life scenario is not intended to to make fun of, or speak down on people with this particular  physical imperfection. Instead this is in fact ,  a helpful tip from some one who  has a lazy eye themselves.
2. Bad Eyelash Days 
Bad lash days come in many forms. If you wear strips, you have to worry about that corner piece, that refuses to stay glued down. Or that one strip that holds on for dear life,  you cant get it off without ripping out your natural lashes,  so you wind up having to just  leave it and let it loosen on it's own. Got you out here looking like 1 lash Lindsey in these streets. Its even worse with individuals, those lashes can get real ugly before you next lash appointment. Half the damn  lash be missing, just all over the place Chile. BUT ain't no jacked up lashes stopping no show just PUT ON A PAIR OF FUCKING SUNGLASSES and go about you business.
1. Drunk nights and pictures don't mix
Now you know as soon as you start drinking it shows all over your face. Eyes be looking bugged out. Last night you went out with your friends and got lit. Good times! Only problem is, when you wake up the next day and see the pictures from last night on the gram you look horrible! So now you mad as hell, texting all your friends, asking them to take the pictures down. But nobody answering you. Don't be mad at them. You could have avoided all of this if you would have just PUT ON PAIR OF FUCKING SUNGLASSES.
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